OK, as most of you know, over the past 8 months I have moved house from Malaysia to Scotland and tomorrow I am moving into my house.
This means that I will not have internet access until we get the modem, wireless, connection and phone line set up but I my have access to a dongle (A promotional thumbdrive from a Phone service that allows internet while the thumbdrive is in)

I will try to use the dongle to come online on my birthday and I will try to upload a youtube video on the same day. (22nd August)
Until then, I will unfortunately be inactive.
However, if our beds are not unpacked tomorrow then I will have to return to the hotel I am in now and I will have access to internet for the night.
In my absence I'm afraid that there will be nobody doing my admin jobs. When the current poll expires can somebody please change it from 2001 to 2002 and change any options that don't make sense for that year. (And for goodness sake, make sure there aren't any blank lines or a blank option will appear!)
When I come back I will have started school again. (Thank goodness my birthday's on a Sunday this year! XD) but don't let that spoil the remainder of your holidays. Enjoy what is left of summer and try to stay active.
Thank you

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