BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 3 June 2009

Team of heroes story

Toa Matoro blasted the Visorak across the shore. The shore of Artahka was covered in the creatures. They had arrived on boats moments ago and were running a rampage.
He ducked a Rhotuka spinner and blasted the Visorak with his Cordak Blaster, leaving not remains. Toa Mazeka appeared beside him. They looked at each other and nodded. Moments later, razor-sharp icicles errupted from the ground and impaled the entire first and second lines of their swarm. There was an explosion as one of the Maxilos Robots's Cordak Blaster missiles struck the frozen wall, sending a ton of Ice down on a large part of the third line. This was a technique that the two of them had come up with only a week or so ago. At least it saved them from having to hack or bla…

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