Hey, I recently designed my own blaster, for I had made two Bionicle series of six canister sized sets, and I wanted them to have uniform blasters. I tought, what makes the perfect Bionicle-Blaster? I made a short list of things a blaster can be critized on from important to less important:

  • It has to look good.
  • It has to be easy to fire.
  • The projectile might not fall out too easy.
  • It has to be easy to use in consructions and models.
  • The projectiles have to be easy to find after they are lauched.
  • It might not be too heavy.
  • It has to fire far enough.
  • It must be easy to reload.

Now we know this, lets take an official blaster to the test. For example the Midak Skyblaster:

  • It looks pretty good, and has a nice black and silver colorscheme that doesnt disturb the sets' colorscheme.
  • Its easy to fire from the front of the blaster, which is good.
  • The projectile never falls out.
  • Its sometimes hard to build into a constrution, for its round, and long, at the other side, its usefull that it has and handle both on the upside and the downside.
  • Projectiles are hard to find back for they are round and easily roll away.
  • Its kinda heavy, which sometimes makes the arm which holds it fall down.
  • It doesn't fire really far, only a few feet.
  • It reloads atomatically, but if the blaster is empty, its sometimes hard to reload it again.

This way, you can critisize almost every blaster.

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