Toa Luminus
GokaiWhite Information
Species AffliationHumans(mostly)
AlliesToa Metru
EnemiesGenjuu, Vahkshi, Dai-Shinra, Brotherhood of Makuta
LeaderCloud Strife, Squall Leonheart(co-commander)
HomelandGaia (Cloud and Tifa)

"Sorcentra" (Squall and Rinoa)

Spira (Tidus and Yuna)
GoalDestroy Dai-Shinra, Save Ankoku Nui, return themselves and the Toa Metru to their homeworlds
StatusAlive, Disbanded

The Toa Luminus were a team of humans with heigtened powers and fighting ability who were taken from their worlds to Ankoku Nui. They allied themselves with the Toa Metru to find the cause of the planet's decay, and saved it before they all go back home.


  • Cloud - Toa Luminus of Dreams and Team Leader, from Nibelheim (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Tifa - Toa Luminus of Friendship, from Nibelheim (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Squall - Toa Luminus of Honor and Deputy Leader, from Balamb Garden (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Rinoa - Toa Luminus of Love, from Deling City (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Tidus - Toa Luminus of Hope, from (Dream) Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
  • Yuna - Toa Luminus of Justice, from Besaid (Final Fantasy X)
  • Aerith - (posthumous) ally/honorary member, resides in the Lifestream of Gaia. (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Jikanmu - (Dis)-honorary member(actually Scryptorek undercover), from Ankoku Nui


  • Their team name means "Warriors of Light " in Matoran.
    • This alludes to the "Crystal Mythos" present in Final Fantasy 1, 3, and 5.
  • The Toa Luminus were the first and only Toa team to be made up of almost entirely humans, except Yuna is half-human/half-Al Bhed, Jikanmu was actually Scryptorek in disguise, and Aerith is half-human/half-Cetra.
    • They are also the only Toa to be designated by a virtue, rather than an element.
  • Aerith is the only Toa, if unofficially designated as such, to be (semi-)active even in death, along with possibly Lhikan, depending on when he was revived on the Red Star , and if he was allowed to become a Toa again upon his resurrection.
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