Well everybody on this wikia, I may never be talking to any of you again. I've been intimidated y to users of this wikia. User:UsagiTaicho and User:Bio dude have told me to be quiet, called me a jerk, called me a b*****d and one nev er apologzed. Bio dude forgave me. And User:Zamorbomb9000 also called me deaf. I've been picked on and I hope theyre happy, because I'm never saying a word again. Apart from the comments section on this blog page. At first, I was gla to be here, have a few friends, make stories for people to read, edit mistakes and become a rollbacker. But I jut came in today and saw the comment that UsagiTaicho wrote about me being a jerk and Zamorbomb's one saying "Am I Lewa?" After I asked him if he was offending me. And UsagiTaicho, he blames me for correcting him. Bio dude who will be back in August swore at me and never apologized at first but User:Vakamatrugaoffire (Bio dude's brother) (He has also left) informed me that he was sorry for thhe hassle. But I'm never speaking, so to all my friends, goodbye.

LewaMataToaOfMischief 14:32, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

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