MAZEKA MAZEKA 11 October 2014

Rise of the Toa Spherus. (A story made by me)

This is a story set on Spherus Magna 5 years after the Bionicle stars series. I will make a few chapters at a time, if you like it please let me know and I will do another. When you click read more if, like it did with me, it comes up with a white page, just click on skip to content. (pictures of the characters can be found in the photos gallery).

(All the characters are still matoran at the start of the story)

Toa Mazeka

Tool: Ice-Blade

Role: Team leader

Personality: Since the Makuter were defeated, the rahkshi destroyed, the move to Spherus Magna, life has got boring for Mazeka. That is until he and his friends discover some Toa-Stones. Now with news that his enemy Vultraz has returned, he has the chance to finally end there conflict.

Toa Kir…

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MAZEKA MAZEKA 21 September 2014

The return of bionicle 2015

So it is confirmed bionicle is returning next year!!! (If only it were this year). Sets include the Toa Mata with a whole new look, the mysterious Protectors and the skull spiders.

Each of the Toa sets contains a golden version of the Kanohi that, that Toa is wearing. Based on this I think this series is going to be something to do with a quest for Kanohi masks and the Mask of Creation is going to make an appearance somewhere in the storyline.

here is a link to some pictures of next years sets. (Kopaka looks coolest).

So those are next years bionicles (if you haven't already, click on the link). As you can see they are built with Hero factory pieces (WHAT!!!) but other than that they look pr…

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