Hello everyone, Mailbust here with another Bionicle Countdown. This time I will be counting down my list of the Turaga.

Since they're all clone sets, I'm also going to have to judge them by personalities, tools, and masks. I will also prefice this by saying I do not poses any of the sets as of right now.

The Turaga, the wise, elderly leaders of the Koros, or at least so we think. But now is not the time to reveal their true nature. Now, it is time to begin the countdown.

Turaga Vakama

Kicking off this list is Turaga Vakama. Honestly dude, I know you've had trust issues ever since the Turaga Dume incident, but if the Toa Mata are risking their lives to protect you, shouldn't that be a sign of them being on your side? Also, I hate his Noble Huna and Firestaff. What're you going to do if a Rahi attacks you? "I'm going to heat you up!"

Turaga Nuju

Just above Turaga Vakama is Turaga Nuju. I hate this guys mask, his Ice Pick. I also did not much like his personality, but that's just me.

Turaga Onewa

Coming in fourth place is Turaga Onewa. His Stone Hammer was not my favorite staff, but his mask was amazingly detailed, and I sort of liked his personality, though it's nor exactly my favorite.

Turaga Matau

In third place is Turaga Matau. His Kau Kau Staff is one of the best Turaga staffs, his Noble Mahiki has AMAZING detail, and I loved his personality. I mean come on, an elder who plays pranks on his colleagues? How frequent is that? I'll tell you, not frequent enough.

Turaga Nokama

Coming up at number two on the list is Turaga Nokama. She's almost the very definition of a bossly elder. She took on three Rahkshi in her Turaga state! Her Trident had a good design and function, making it one of my favorite staffs. Also, her personality is one I envy. She listens to both sides of an argument before reaching a verdict, and is always calm. My only complaint woud be her mask, but that's a minor thing.

Turaga Whenua

Number one on my list is Turaga Whenua. He's wise, calm, and knows the importance of history. His Drill of Onua, while not one of the best function wise, is an amazing piece (I own it in real life), and his mask is probably my favorite out of all the Turaga's appearance wise.

And that does it for this list everyone. Sorry for the quality, I will edit it if you have any suggestions on how I can improve upon it. 

Anyway, join me later when I cover the villagers, the Matoran of Mata Nui.

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