Mata Nui Mata Nui 31 July 2012

Back in town

Right. I'm back. At least temporarily. I'll try to remain active until the end of my summer break, which is in about three weeks. I don't know exactly when school starts, to be honest. Anyway, I don't think I'll be very active after school starts.

I have promoted MarioGalaxy2433g5 to admin, as requested, and I threw in some b'crat powers on my own initiative. I figured you might need a more active bureaucrat. I hope you don't mind.

And I removed my own b'crat powers, seeing as I probably won't be of much help now that you've got MG.

That would be all, I think.

Oh, and I'm happy to see that this place didn't collapse into oblivion while I was away. :P

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Mata Nui Mata Nui 2 May 2012

I'm taking a break

I'll be taking a break from this wiki, until further notice. I'll keep my admin powers during that time, if that's OK.

I'll still be contactable on the Wiki Metru forums.

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Mata Nui Mata Nui 24 December 2011

The 24th of December

As some of you may know, but most of you don't, we Swedes celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, instead of the morning of the 25th. So I'll just wish you all a very merry Christmas, and you can all continue not celebrating Christmas today.

Where I live, we haven't got any snow this winter - chances are the snow will come in January or February, just when we long for spring.

Well, that's it, really. Everyone have a wonderful Christmas now.

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Mata Nui Mata Nui 2 November 2011

Back home tomorrow

I forgot to tell you guys that I've been to Germany the last three or four days. I'm on the boat from Sassnitz to Trelleborg right now. I'll be back home tonight.

Sorry for now telling you in advance.

In addition to that, I'd like to thank Toa Roden for taking care of the User of the Month.

Mata Nui

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Mata Nui Mata Nui 2 September 2011

Wiki Metru

Considering some recent misunderstandings and rumors, I think it might be time to straighten things out. First thing is, we are not going to be kicked out from Wiki Metru; it was never an option, and it never will be. If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to ask.

Finally, the possibility of renaming this wiki to BIONICLEpedia has been brought up. Many, if not most of you don't remember/know that this wiki used to be called BIONICLEpedia, before the Move. I'm wondering what is the community's opinion(s) about this. Don't worry, this won't be happening unless we've got your support.

Thanks, - Mata Nui   Talk 16:13, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

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