OsmiuMap OsmiuMap 16 July 2009

Building Krakua

It may have some of the wrong colors, but I am currently in the process of obtaining the parts to build Krakua. I guess you could say it's a project I'm working on. Anyway, just letting you guys know what I'm doing.

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OsmiuMap OsmiuMap 8 July 2009

Social Life

As many of you may have noticed, I've been gone for a bit. It's because I've suddenly gotten in touch with two friends I haven't seen a while, so we're hanging out and playing video games and such. I'll probably get back to editing sometime tomorrow. Just letting you know what happened.

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OsmiuMap OsmiuMap 27 January 2009


It must have been… what? A hundred? Maybe two hundred days since we got back. Many Matoran, and even ourselves, were injured. We could not last much longer in the underground, so me and the other Toa Kaduoi planned a last attack, we were going to smash every Rahkshi we could before our death which was near certain now. We would leave during Nahin’s turn at watch, knowing that he would do nothing to stop us. That night we snuck out, once we got to the surface we noticed that the Rahkshi had decreased by half, or even more, since we had arrived back on the island. Had the Makuta been weakened? We had no time for questions however, we ran straight into the battle. Meufah launched blasts of lightning to clear a path through , while Lonmahk and…

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OsmiuMap OsmiuMap 26 January 2009

vInto the Future

The siege seems to have finally ended. What has happened everywhere else I do not know. The Toa Kaduoi are missing, Cabor and Rorusa had been searching for them for a while, before Nahin found their masks and tools in the Antalai plains. We have built a shrine to honor them for protecting us in our dark time. We can only wonder what had happened to them... Rebuilding has begun in our small village. It may be soon, but I hope that this is the end of our long struggle.

Since no one really knows what will go on, I'll just leave you guys with a final Delta's Blog post before tomorrow's final Osmap's Blog post.

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OsmiuMap OsmiuMap 22 January 2009

Day 79

It's been long. Much too long. And yet still the Rahkshi keep coming. The Toa Kaduoi have been harshly wounded, as well as the two warriors the Toa had brought with them. Kaluma is weakened from the long hours of battle, and Nahin has been busy contemplating our situation. I don't know how much longer we can last before someone dies.

I think I can do 3 more posts for this, then an extra long post in Osmap's Blog, school stuff is starting to get heavy.

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