It must have been… what? A hundred? Maybe two hundred days since we got back. Many Matoran, and even ourselves, were injured. We could not last much longer in the underground, so me and the other Toa Kaduoi planned a last attack, we were going to smash every Rahkshi we could before our death which was near certain now. We would leave during Nahin’s turn at watch, knowing that he would do nothing to stop us. That night we snuck out, once we got to the surface we noticed that the Rahkshi had decreased by half, or even more, since we had arrived back on the island. Had the Makuta been weakened? We had no time for questions however, we ran straight into the battle. Meufah launched blasts of lightning to clear a path through , while Lonmahk and Lomyeuh guarded her on either side. Meanwhile, I defended the rear, knocking down the Rahkshi chasing us. Finally reaching the other end of the island, we figured out why the Rahkshi were decreasing in number. They were being replaced by large machines called Exo-Toa. We knew we couldn’t take on all of them. The ground under us then opened up, and boomed with the voice of a Makuta. “I’m afraid I cannot let you escape.” “Who said anything about escaping?” I replied. We all leapt into the opening in the ground. “Have you gone mad you little Toa?” the voice boomed again. “Very well, I shall end your life.” I responded instantly “You’re wrong Makuta… this is the end of yours!” Deep within the very planet, we all triggered the full limit of our elemental power. I wish I could tell you what happened, but I died.

OsmiuMap's Commentary

I think this seems like a fitting final post. School stuff is getting heavy anyway, this is the end for real now.

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