Panakalego Panakalego 10 September 2009

The Move, part 2

It's been several months since I last made a blog post, or even acted as part of this cummunity, come to think of it. But I'm back, officially. I think moving Bioniclepedia was generally a good idea, but too much just didn't go as planned.

So expect to see some PL-style editing in the Recent Changes.

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Panakalego Panakalego 28 January 2009

The Move

Okay, I thought I'd use this blog post to express my opinion on the move:


  • We'd no longer have to work through the Wikia staff. They're great people, but it's not good when you have to work through someone else to get stuff done if you could be doing it yourself. I've puyt a lot of work into this site, and I would be able to put a lot more into it if I could edit the database (make Bionicle-ish skins, edit interface, etc).
  • We'd no longer have any ads at all, or the notorious "Wikia Spotlight", which lately, has been showing a lot of scantily-dressed female pro wrestlers and cheerleaders. Quite frankly, I believe this to be reason enough, if a child gets involved with female pro wrestlers through us, who would be happy about it?
  • Wikia publi…
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Panakalego Panakalego 22 January 2009

New Computer

Ah, I just found this really cool gaming computer here, I don't own my own computer (I'm using the family's desktop and two out-dated laptops) so this would be a dream computer for me...

Of course, the fact that it's over a thousand dollars USD would mean I would have to give up on a dream car, which is perfectly fine with me. I have no need for one yet, and my sister's current car would be more than adaquite for my needs in the future, when she gets a new one.

Too many times now I've gone out a bought a new game for the desktop computer, and found out my graphics card was, like, five generations too old for the game's lowest settings. I've worked several hours already, I've got about $500 in savings, so with a full-time job this summer, I'l…

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Panakalego Panakalego 10 January 2009


I feel I need to clear something up regarding how I feel about fansites. First off, I have expressed in the past some resentment towords BZP, and I will state now that I do not resent them. I do not enjoy hanging out on there anymore, but I have nothing personal against them. I will admit that I did earlier, however, but I see things in a different lighting now, you could say. I choose to hang out on MoD because it's a small community, and I find it's rules a little... less strict, I suppose you could say. BZP is one of the largest forums on the net, which can mean great friendly discussion, but it also can make it hard to hold a conversation with someone when they've got hundreds of posts in an outrageously short amount of time. All my fr…

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Panakalego Panakalego 27 December 2008


I just thought I'd waste use this blog post to state how much I like music. You see, I have a sister who's exactly 10 years older then I, and she's pretty talented with musical instruments (she eventually majored in Mucical Education in college). I grew up with a piano playing 24/7 somewhere in my house, that at least made me build a talorence for it. Then came my little sister (whom I've mentioned on both my userpage, and on BZP), who can sing like no one else. Although she's not quite in college yet, she's done a few performences already. You'd think I could at least play a guitar or something, but I have more of an ear for it then a gift.
So I'm going to post below a few artists I enjoy the most, as well as one song that's my favorite from…

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