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  • Starscream7

    Hello, everyone! It's been a while. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Starscream7, also known as LordStarscream100 on YouTube. I am a rollbacker here, although I have not been around for over two years. Now, I have returned with the confirmation of BIONICLE's return! 

    I will not provide any details on the sets that are featured in this picture, as you are likely to find them elsewhere. But I will say that with everyone's hopes and faith in the series over the past four years, its return is a tremendous announcement. My biggest hope is that they can actually pull off the return and make it awesome. Will this happen? Only time will tell. But the return in itself is fantastic enough. 

    Feel free to post your thoughts below. UNITY DUTY DEST…

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  • Starscream7

    Farewell and Adieu

    March 11, 2012 by Starscream7

    As the title states, farewell. I am leaving the Wiki, after a year and a half, and I'm concluding my contributions on here. I've found that I'm on a lot of Wikis', and I'm very busy on a few. I'm afraid that I don't have the time to contribute to this one as much as I was in the past.

    I will still be on Wikia, and I may be on here - but not much. Take note, that I still like BIONICLE. It's not a dying hobby for me. I'd like to say thank you to everyone on here who has made this experience great. Now, I'm moving onto other things. Anytime you wish to talk to me, send me a message. I'm always on. See you guys, it's been a blast.

    -- Lord Starscream

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  • Starscream7

    Hello, everyone, and by everyone, anyone can read this post.

    I do not care if you are a vandal - you can read this post and be well-aware of what you will suffer if what you have previously done shall come back to the present day, as in your vandalism. It is completely unesecarry for bored people like you to be vandalizing a website that hosts information on a children's toy series that you apparently wish to make fun of because you obviously have nothing better to do in life. We have improved our defenses, and you will not vandalize anymore because we are even more cautious of what is around us. We are watching the Wiki 24/7, and will spot your vandalism the instant that you post it. So stop now, because we're watching.

    The bold message is no…

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  • Starscream7

    Dying Future

    August 8, 2011 by Starscream7

    I know that I created a post yesterday - but this was too major to put onto it.

    Guys, we all should know this: our future is dead. It's dying. BIONICLE is on it's last limbs now - and The Yesterday Quest and The Powers That Be are going to be finished at one point. What comes after that?

    Bara Magna: It's time for fanon storylines.

    John Avery Whitaker: "Move Along, Move Along ..."

    These two comments on HYDRAXON1's post make sense. I have an idea that might save us - but I'm afraid that it won't work.

    What if we created fanon stories - yet all of the characters were canon? Wouldn't that make sense? Everything in the story is canon, yet the story itself is fanon.

    Or maybe John Avery Whitaker is right - we need to face the conclusion that BIONICLE i…

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  • Starscream7

    I Have Returned!

    August 7, 2011 by Starscream7

    Yes - you never thought you'd ever see me again on here ... but it's true. I'm here to stay.

    I have some important updates:

    1. TheSlicer is helping me with my film, BIONICLE: Universe. I never got to release it on May 14th due to the lack of time to complete filming. Currently - out of the prologue and five chapters - I have created the Prologue and Chapter 1 (Slice will add captions and audio). I plan for the film to be released, at the latest, October 2011. I am currently slating it for September.
    2. I am planning two sequels to my film to form a trilogy - BIONICLE: Universe II: On Being A Champion and BIONICLE: Universe III: War of the Worlds. Filming for OBAC will begin very soon - possibly tomorrow, actually, due to my progress on BU. Any stor…

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