TheMG TheMG 14 January 2013

Current Location Unknown and similar content

I just saw somebody add that a character's current location unknown. There isn't really a rule about this kind of thing, so I do not mean to call out the editor who added it, since they technically did nothing wrong. However, this kind of thing seems unnecessary to state in the article. There were a large amount of beings living in the Matoran Universe, and most of them are unaccounted for as a result. It should really go without saying. This kind of filler content should really be avoided

I know similar type things are in other articles, so I will talk about them when I see them.

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TheMG TheMG 1 August 2012


Looks like everybody forgot about recent changes patrolling when I retired. Admins, to patrol on the recent changes, click diff next to edits with exclamation marks beside them and then marked as patrolled. However, for some edits you might need to click prev, and for blog comments you need to go into Special:Newpages.

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TheMG TheMG 26 June 2012

MG, destroyer of technology

Broken laptop, woo! I'll get it back in a couple weeks... while I am at the beach for two weeks so I won't get it for even longer.

Expect inactivity.

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TheMG TheMG 10 June 2012

Seriously guys...

One, how do you accidentally delete your own logo and favicon and not realize it for several months?

Two, how come the favicon still hasn't been undeleted?

Three, I'm going to need a serious talk with the current admins of the wiki cause this stuff won't fly with me. Talk to me on Wikimetru's chat channel seeing the wiki has disabled the chat feature.

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TheMG TheMG 14 October 2009

With great power comes great responsibilty

I have way too much responsibility. I am an admin on 15 wikis. This is why I believe I must quit on many of them. I will still visit on occasions, but will no longer be an admin. I will still be an admin on the following wikis and why:

  • Wikitroid: Where I started out
  • MarioWiki: Just got b'crat status
  • Pokemon Wiki: This wiki has A LOT of vandalism.
  • Chibi Robo Wiki: I founded this wiki.
  • Gaming Music Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo
  • Super Monkey Ball Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo and Gaming Music

I know, it might be sad, but it is necessary.

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