TheSlicer TheSlicer 7 February 2011

Main Page

To go with the new Wikia skin, I have suggested an improvised, sleeker version of the Main Page that combines the existing one with several aspects of the Community Portal. It can be viewed here.

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TheSlicer TheSlicer 7 February 2011

The Fairon Chronicles

The Fairon Chronicles is an upcoming novel to be placed on this blog post and its respective CBW article. It is set in the Gigas Magna storyline, a world in which Teridax is dead and the Brotherhood is weakened, leaving multiple factions to fight for control over the universe. One of these factions is the Order of Darkness, led by the deadly Makuta Velnax, who seems to seek a reformation of the natural order... or perhaps something more...

Please review below.

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Chapter 1
  • 3 Chapter 2
  • 4 Chapter 3

The void was spinning. The world around him was nothing but purple and black swirls spiraling together and apart sickeningly, their light coming to his eyes from the undefined boundaries of a boundless expanse while his body turned end over end in …

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TheSlicer TheSlicer 19 June 2010

The Darkness Returns

This is one of my stories from CBW. It's part of what has become known as the Gigas Magna Storyline, and it's pretty popular over there. It's the sequel to two stories, The Leviathos Chronicles (which was immensely popular) and an old story, The Fairon Chronicles.

I also hope it can be a good stand-alone story (although it makes numerous references to past Gigas Magna Storyline events) and that's why I'm bringing it here, so people with absolutely no prior knowledge of my storyline can tell em what they think of it.

A few notes: Shadowdermis is an extremely powerful substance that was created a few years ago by Makuta Kunaku. The Order of Darkness was an organization that was created by Makuta Velnax, but was defeated by the Order of Mata Nu…

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