Tuma55 Tuma55 28 January 2011


I have reason to believe that this user is a dupe of Vakamtrugaoffire. He alwas says "hay" like he used to and on his userpage it says that he "killed" Vakamtrugaoffire and Bio Dude. I am almost 100% certain if we got a wiki staff member to check his IP adress it would match Vakama's/Bio Dude's. What do you guys think? --Tuma55 ( Former TBW Admin/ Former Wiki Magna Bureaucrat/Skrall Team Wiki Bureaucrat/ Former BRW Rollbacker ) 21:55, January 28, 2011 (UTC)

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Tuma55 Tuma55 22 December 2010


I am leaving and for one reason and one reason alone: this user. First of all he gives me some pathetic speech about treating all users equaly then he accuses me of not editing "clean". Who the heck do you think you are? Goodbye, I'm not an admin to be pround but I will alwas be pround of the community and what we accomplished. I wish you guys good luck in life, this has been the experiance of a lifetime.  --Tuma55 (TBW Admin/Wiki Magna Bureaucrat/Skrall Team Wiki Bureaucrat/BRW Rollbacker ) 22:47, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

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Tuma55 Tuma55 11 September 2010


Yes! I've finaly become an admin! Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

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Tuma55 Tuma55 20 August 2010

Skrall Story Part 1

Nektann slowly opened his eyes and looked around he was lying in what had once been the Bara Magna desert. Incredibly bright hot sunlight poured down from the bright blue sky. A salty sea breeze set tropical trees swaying while Brakas monkeys chased native sea birds around the Aqua Magna bay. It was truly disguisting. This place makes Zakaz look like a paradise thought Nektann as he climbed to his feet. Last thing he remembered he had been badly beaten by the fire Toa named Tahu and jugding by the battlefield his allies had obviously surrendered while he was uncouncious. They will pay thought Nektann as he walked into the distance. The Agori, Glatorian, Toa and Matoran will pay. Suddenly he spotted an Agori in the distance, judging by his …

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Tuma55 Tuma55 23 July 2010

1000 Edits!!!

I just made over 1000 edits!!!

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