Yoshisland Yoshisland 14 February 2010

Yoshi's End

This is the sequel story to Yoshi's Journey, which should be read before this.

The Staff hit dead on, sending Yoshi's mask flying. However, as Yoshi wasn't of a Bionicle Universe, he did not fall into a coma, as the alternate Dume was expecting him to. Yoshi took advantage of this, kicking Dume in the face. Several corrupt Toa ran over to aid him. He brushed them off, and raised something at Yoshi. The color on Yoshi's face drained. He was holding an exact replica of the blaster Yoshi had found earlier. And he was pointing it at him. He then spoke one, simple word.

"Die." And with that, he fired mercilessly at Yoshi. Just as he was about to be destroyed on the spot, Yoshi's mass faded, and he disappeared.

Yoshi awoke with a start. It was a pleā€¦

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Yoshisland Yoshisland 17 January 2010


Hey, the wiki's clock is drasticly off, as it says April 8, 2009, on the day this blog was posted, which is January 16, 2010. Does anybody know how to adjust it?

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Yoshisland Yoshisland 10 January 2010

Sequel Vote

Well, I'm making a sequel to Yoshi's Journey, which you should read before commenting or voting on this blog. Anyways, I'm trying to come up with what the story sould be like. Please answer the questions on what you want below, in the "Post Comment" box.

  1. Where should the story take place?
    1. Aqua Magna
    2. Bara Magna
    3. Bota Magna
    4. Matoran Universe
    5. Alternate Universe
    6. A different location
  2. Who should be the main villain?
    1. Alternate Dume
    2. Other, if so, name.

EDIT: Okay, I got those results tallied, but now I've come to one last difficulty: A good name. Got any suggestions? State them below!

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Yoshisland Yoshisland 5 January 2010

Cryoshell Songs

Hey, I just got all the Cryoshell songs on my iPod, except for Face Me. Does anyone know where you can get it without  your computer freezing up? Also, do you think we should create articles for all the cryoshell songs that were featured in BIONICLE? State your opinions below.

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Yoshisland Yoshisland 23 December 2009


Hey, on the Tarakava article, as well as several other articles, it mentions Tarakavas having forelegs. Since WHEN did they have forelegs? All I see are realy long arms that stretch down to their legs, then come back up to arm level. For their legs, all there is are some treads. Can someone please clarify?

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