Item Information
Primary User(s)Toa Takanuva (formerly)
Primary LocationMangaia
FunctionalitiesTravel (formerly)

The Ussanui was a vehicle the Toa Nuva and Takanuva built so the latter could travel to Mangaia. It used a Shadow Kraata for navigation and was built out of the remains of the six Rahkshi which had terrorized Mata Nui. The vehicle also had Jaller's Kanohi placed on the front.

Takanuva took it to the lair of Makuta Teridax, with Hahli secretly stowed away. The Ussanui was then destroyed after crashing into a wall near the entrance of the lair.

Set Info[]

Legend speaks of a Toa of Light who will save Mata Nui from darkness...and now he has arrived. Wearing the Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light, and carrying the Kolhii Staff of Light, he is prepared to challenge Makuta for the sake of the Matoran. He rides the Ussanui, a powerful vehicle energized by kraata that can track down the master of shadows wherever he lurks.[1]

  • The Ussanui was released in 2003 as a Titan set, and a Takanuva model was included.
  • The Ussanui contained six Rahkshi back parts, assorted Bohrok-Kal tool pieces and a powerless grey Hau (which belonged to Jaller).


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