Vahki Transport
Item Information
Primary User(s)None
Primary LocationMetru Nui
FunctionalitiesTransporting cargo

Vahki Transports were multi-legged vehicles designed to carry cargo.

The transports were not usually seaworthy, but the Toa Metru managed to get one floating in the Silver Sea by strapping Matoran Spheres on the bottom of it.

Before escaping Metru Nui, the Toa Metru hijacked a Vakhi Transport, christening it "Lhikan", and setting off. However, their journey was hindered by Teridax, who was later imprisoned by the Toa Metru. By the time the Toa reached Mata Nui, the Lhikan was in horrible shape.

The Toa Metru later repaired the Lhikan, using the Karzahni plant as a floatation device. They got to Metru Nui, but the rebuilt Lhikan, renamed the Lhikan II, was destroyed and sank.

Known Vahki Transports[]