Valley of the Maze
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsGreat Beings
LocationNorthern Bara Magna

The The Valley of the Maze, also referred to as the Maze Valley, was a location on Bara Magna. In the center was a fortress created by the Great Beings.


The fortress at the center of the Valley of the Maze was originally created by the Great Beings, serving as their headquarters.

Near the end of the Core War, the Great Beings had the Baterra construct the actual Valley of the Maze.


Baterra building the Maze

Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold went on an expedition to find the maze, but kept running into the Element Lords on the way. Eventually, the trio nearly drowned if not for the Element Lord of Rock. Crotesius and Kirbold went back at some point, but Tarduk continued on the way. He then found the fortress and was trapped.

Berix had given Mata Nui a coin with the pattern of the Skrall shield, and he realized that it was really a map. Crotesius then told him that the map was of the Valley of the Maze. He then went on a quest to the valley, hoping the area would give him information on his quest and past. After weeks of traveling, he finally reached the fortress in the middle, but spent hours finding the answer to a riddle for entrance.

Inside the fortress was a staircase leading to a lava pool with Tarduk in chains. After freeing him, the fortress began to collapse. After escaping, they noticed the fortress was melting, and in its place, a volcano grew. Mata Nui then chipped away at the rock of the volcano, which revealed a hatch. After entering, he found that the volcano was filled with pipes and other various things.

After a few minutes of traveling through the fort, he found the same thing he saw in Tajun weeks ago: plans for a giant robot. Mata Nui then knew he was on the right track for his quest, then turned on a screen. He then saw numerous visions fly into his mind, learning all about the Core War, the failed prototype robot, and many other things. Mata Nui then learned about his mission: to reunite Spherus Magna. He then learned that if the Great Beings planned to make another giant robot, then there might be another power source. After finding it, he returned to civilization in order to ask for permission to use the prototype robot.


Spherus Magna
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