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Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa
Group Toa,
Ce-Matoran (Formerly)
Mask Great Calix
Powerless Calix (Formerly)
Colors Blue and gold
Element/Powers Psionics
Homeland Unknown
Occupation Toa of Psionics
Tools Elbow Blades, Rhotuka Launching Shield
Location Fortress of "The Shadowed One"
Status Spherus Magna
Pronunciation VAR-ee-ann
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Varian was the the name of a Toa of Psionics who "The Shadowed One" kept trapped in a Stasis Tube at his Dark Hunter Fortress.


Early Life[]

Varian was originally a Ce-Matoran. At one point, she became a Toa of Psionics and was part of a Toa Team. Varian's team dealt with Protocairns and Parakrekks. During this time they joined with another team and Varian grew close with a member from the other team, a Toa of Fire named Norik. Both Norik and Varian were approached by a group of Matoran, stating that three of their Toa disappeared. Varian and Norik were told to wait on the shore, in case there was an ambush waiting. They never heard from the village again, but waited for several days. While Varian was keeping watch, she gave Norik a nightmare with her powers, teasing him when he woke up.

They were eventually approached by a Toa of Sonics, the last remaining Toa from that team. He refused to give his name, instead being named "Grey". He led them to his village, where the three Toa were attacked by Dark Hunters. Varian was attacked by "Lurker"'s Plasma Cannon. She recovered from the blast, and attempted to search for the Toa of Sonics who was kidnapped, but was attacked by "Lurker" and "Gatherer". The Toa of Sonics also recovered, and attacked the Dark Hunters, who turned their attention to him. As they were about to kill him, Varian prepared a mental attack, but before she could unleash it, she was struck with Gatherer's mind scrambling Rhotuka. The attack sent her into a deep state of unconsciousness.

She awoke and told Norik what had happened and pleaded for Norik to go after the Hunters. Norik left and soon returned with a Mask of Elemental Energy, and the two set off to rescue their kidnapped ally.


Some time later they caught up with the Hunters, Varian was captured by both Lurker and Gatherer and taken back to Odina by "Ancient". The Shadowed One told Varian to choose between Norik and the Toa of Sonics. She chose Norik to be set free. When Norik was taken away, the Shadowed One told Varian that she was to be placed in stasis as a trophy. She later was informed that the Toa of Sonics was actually the shapeshifting Triglax. The Toa was then placed in a Stasis Tube and put on display in the Shadowed One's chamber.

Varian was later seen by the Piraka when they were assembled in the Shadowed One's chamber when they joined the Dark Hunters. When the Matoran Universe was dismantled after the defeat of Makuta, Varian was moved to Spherus Magna, although it is unknown whether she is still in stasis or not.



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