Venom Talon
Set Venom Spear
Weapon Information
PowerInjecting Venom
FunctionChannel Air energy
StatusIn Use

The Venom Talon was a weapon used by Vastus. It was his primary weapon and had his Thornax Launcher attached to it. The spear had a poison tipped blade, which allowed Vastus to inject poison into whoever he impaled. However, the venom was only allowed in arena matches if so had been agreed to before the match.

Vastus could also use this to channel his elemental powers over air.


Set informationEdit

  • The Venom Talon was released with Vastus in summer 2009 and consisted of 11 pieces, including the Thornax Launcher on the end.
  • The Venom Talon had to be held together by Vastus's hands.


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