Visorak (Location)
Location Information
Primary ResidentsTobduk's species, Rahi, Visorak, "Primal"'s species
Former Residents
LocationSouth of Nynrah, North of Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland
Makuta Chirox

I used to live on an island to the east of here... just a simple place, where a few of us tried to get by day to day. We had a little Rahi trouble now and then, nothing too serious. That is, until the day a Makuta showed up.
Tobduk recollecting his homeland, Brothers In Arms

Visorak was an island in the Matoran Universe.


Visorak was created when the Matoran Universe was created 100,000 years before the Great Cataclysm. During an unknown time sometime after 80,000 years ago, Makuta Chirox came to the island and created the Visorak. He sent them to test their capabilities on a local village, and only a few of the species inhabiting the area survived, including Tobduk. The few that survived migrated to Nynrah and Stelt. Chirox then renamed the island "Visorak," in honor of the spider Rahi.

Society and Inhabitants[]

Visorak was home to Tobduk's species and the Dark Hunter known as "Primal". After the Visorak invasion, it became home to the Visorak species.


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