Volo Lutu Launcher
Tale of the Tohunga Volo Lutu Launcher
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran
Primary Location Mata Nui
Functionalitiesgrab onto objects over a great distance (like a grappling hook)

A Volo Lutu Launcher (VOE-loe LOO-too Launcher) was a tool that served as a grappling hook/harpoon gun; it fired a small bead with limited range. If the bead stuck to an object, it either drew the user to the object or the object to the user.

Takua owned a Volo Lutu Launcher on Mata Nui, which he received as a reward for rescuing Turaga Whenua from a Vatuka. He used it on his quest to find the Vuata Maca Crystals, but it was apparently lost with the rest of his possessions after he was flung onto Ta-Wahi Beach.



  • Volo Lutu Launcher were also used in a mini-game, Kewa Bird Riding that is in BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa game.