Biographical Information
Species Sidorak's clan leader
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Red,Black
Element/Powers Time
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Occupation Servant of the Dark Hunters
Tools Rotating Blade Tools, Rhotuka
Location Unknown
Status Searching for the Vahi
Pronunciation Voe-pore-ahk

Voporak was a former clan leader of Sidorak's species and Dark Hunter. Sidorak betrayed him to the Brotherhood of Makuta to gain power. Through experimental mutation, The Brotherhood transformed him into Voporak, a being sensitive to shifts in time that could locate the Vahi Mask of Time, if it ever came into existence. The Brotherhood of Makuta lent Voporak to the Dark Hunters to learn discipline.

Voporak had sensed the power of the Vahi when Toa Vakama had used it in his fight against Makuta. Voporak made his way to Metru Nui in search of the Mask of Time. He succeeded in snatching the mask for a short period of time, but Vakama got it back during a battle against the Shadowed One and Makuta. Currently, Voporak is working with "Ancient" to find the Vahi, following Toa Tahu's use of it against the Bohrok-Kal.

Powers and Abilities

Voporak gave off a temporal force field that aged any attack used against him. For instance, fire would burn out and thrown rocks would erode to dust before they could reach him. His touch could age anyone or anything if he willed to do so. He also had Rhotuka spinners that temporarily knocked targets out of sync with time, leaving them a second or two behind the rest of the world. Only one weakness was ever been exploited against Voporak, which was taking away air so it could not breathe, Makuta thought of this approach during his battle with "The Shadowed One".


  • Voporak could be built as a combiner with Sidorak, Roodaka and Keetongu. He was also sold as an exclusive big set, with his instructions and the parts of Roodaka, Sidorak and Keetongu.


BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap

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