Biographical Information
Species Kraata (Rahkshi)
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Mask None
Colors Black and dark grey
Element/Powers Hunger
Homeland Mangaia
Occupation Servant of Makuta
Tools Staff of Absorption
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation voe-rahk
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Vorahk were Rahkshi of Hunger, and one of forty-two possible breeds of Rahkshi.


A Vorahk, Turahk, and Kurahk were created by Teridax after the failure of his first three Rahkshi. They were given the mission of retrieving the Avohkii.

The three showed up in Onu-Koro, after tracking Takua there, and fought Onua and Pohatu Nuva. Vorahk even succeeded in draining Onua Nuva's Toa Power, but regained his strength, due to Pohatu intervening. However, after regaining his strength, Onua used his Earth powers to bring rocks from the cave ceiling down upon them, which caused the cave to fall in.

Vorahk was destroyed by the Toa Nuva at Kini-Nui in the final battle against the Rahkshi. He was imprisoned in ice, along with Kurahk, and soon after rebuilt into the Ussanui.

Abilities and Traits[]

A brute by birth, Vorahk used a Staff of Absorption to suck the strength away from its enemies, and use it for itself. However, Vorahk can only steal physical strength and energy, not actual powers.

Vorahk Kraata are dark gray metallic and gray.

A Vorahk was chosen by Makuta to go after the Kanohi Avohkii because its power was the enemy of Prosperity, the Principle of Onu-Matoran.

Set Information[]

Vorahk hungers for power! His Staff of Power can drain the energy from any opponent and transfer it to Vorahk. He is the most skilled of all Makuta's seekers. Nothing escapes his sight![1]

  • A Vorahk was released as a canister set in 2003. Its set number was 8591.
  • Vorahk contained 45 pieces.
  • Rahkshi sets were the first ones to implement knee articulation, which became commonplace after 2003.




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