Voya Nui Matoran
Voya Nui Resistance Team
Voya Nui Resistance Team Information
Species AffliationMatoran
AlliesToa Inika, Axonn
EnemiesPiraka, Brutaka
HomelandVoya Nui
GoalTo save the island from the Piraka (Achieved)
"Only six Matoran were left free to oppose them."
—Narration, Comic 1: If a Universe Ends

The Voya Nui Resistance Team was a Voya Nui-based Matoran group dedicated to saving the island from the Piraka. They were the first to realize the Piraka were not true Toa, and the only six Matoran who were not infected by the Piraka's Zamor Spheres.

The TeamEdit

Velika was secretly a Great Being who placed himself inside a Matoran body to watch the progress of Mata Nui and the universe. He later murdered Tren Krom and Karzahni.


  • These Matoran wore the same masks that the Toa Metru of their corresponding element wore.
  • Oddly, none of these Matoran's sets have eyestalks. They just have skulls, or in Kazi's case, a hand.

Voya Nui Resistance Team (v|e)
Former Leaders: GaranAxonn (briefly)
Former Members: BaltaDaluPirukVelikaKazi