250px-TLR Vulcanus
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsFire Tribe
LocationSouth of Iron Canyon, North of Sea of Liquid Sand

Vulcanus was the village of the Fire Tribe on Bara Magna.


After the Shattering, Vulcanus became the main village of the Fire Tribe. An arena was constructed to host arena fights after the new social system was designed.

Many years later Strakk, Tarix and Gresh travelled to Vulcanus to watch Gresh fight a Skrall in the Vulcanus Arena. The Skrall beat Gresh and was about to kill him if Tarix did not interfere. Not long after, the Bone Hunters attempted to raid Vucanus but were beaten back by several Glatorian. They faked defeat, but returned afterwards and were again beaten back. Mata Nui later travelled here with Metus to watch Ackar fight Strakk in the arena.

The main structure of Vulcanus was later dragged away to form the prototype robot and the Agori of Vulcanus left to the Mega-Village.


  • Ackar - Prime Glatorian;
  • Malum - Second Glatorian, later exiled for his crimes in the arena
  • Perditus - Vehicle Pilot, former second Glatorian


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