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The Wall of History was in fact, several walls with the history of the Matoran (excluding Metru Nui) inscribed on it. It was located in Ta-Koro.

After becoming the Chronicler of Mata Nui, Takua maintained its walls by adding new chapters; when he became a Toa, the job was handed to Hahli when she became his successor. The walls on Mata Nui were abandoned when the Matoran went back to Metru Nui. It is assumed Kopeke created a new one in Metru Nui.

The walls were destroyed when the Bohrok were awakened by the Toa Nuva and cleared Mata Nui.


  • In the Kingdom alternate reality, Turaga Dume made sure that Kopeke created a Wall of History in each Metru to commemorate the Great Spirit.
  • It is unknown if Kodan had a Wall of History, but it is doubtful he did.
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