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Wall of Prophecy
Wall Of Prophecy Ko-Koro
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsKo-Matoran, Turaga Nuju

The Wall of Prophecy was a series of walls in the Ko-Koro Sanctum upon which were inscribed cryptic predictions of the future, as seen by Ko-Matoran astrologers. It would seem the Wall of Prophecy was also used as a meditation center for Ko-Matoran.

150px-MNOLG Sanctum Seeking-1-

Nuju and Matoro studying the Wall of Prophecy


The Mata Nui Online Game hid two Easter eggs in Matoran writing on the walls; one (the part of the wall Jaa was studying at the time) read "what do you get when you multiply six by nine" (a reference to the popular sci-fi series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). The other read "Made by Lego... produktion ag. ch. 5380 baai. Switzerland. Distributed by the Lego Group DK. 6180 ?illund. Denmark C2001 Lego Group." The missing letter (?) is blocked by a torch, but it is likely meant to be a "B", making the word Billund, the name of a city in Denmark where the LEGO Company's headquarters are located.


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