White Quartz Mountains
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsIce Tribe, Surel
Former Residents
LocationBara Magna/Spherus Magna

The White Quartz Mountains were a mountain range on Bara Magna. The Element Lord of Rock used to rule these mountains 100,000 years ago.

Iron Wolves resided here, under the command of Surel. During an expedition to the north, the Agori Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold encountered Surel and his pack of Iron Wolves here. They were all caught in a battle between the Element Lord of Fire and the Element Lord of Ice. The White Quartz Mountains was also the place on Bara Magna where Exsidian was most commonly found.

After Spherus Magna's reformation, the mountains became the home of the Ice Tribe and the newly-migrated Ko-Matoran.


Spherus Magna
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