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Wiki Metru Forums was a forum site that was created as a link between Custom Bionicle Wiki (CBW) and BIONICLEPedia (now known as The BIONICLE Wiki) in 2009. The Wiki Metru family of sites was disbanded in 2014, and eventually the forums were closed.


Wiki Metru itself was designed to be a site to help bring The BIONICLE Wiki (formerly BIONICLEPedia) and the Custom BIONICLE Wiki closer together. They served to bring smaller BIONICLE communities together and give them a group community to discuss BIONICLE in. In 2010; Heropedia (formerly Herofactopedia) and Custom Hero Factory Wiki was created and joined with the other wiki under Wiki Metru.

In October 2014, WMF was permanently taken offline by forum creator Panakalego due to lack of activity and the dissolution of its ties to the wikis by former staff member Todunga.

WMF Staff[]

  • Ben (Administrator)
  • Chicken Bond (Administrator)
  • Todunga (Administrator)
  • Jareroden(Global moderator)
  • Lord Oblivion (Global moderator)
  • MikeInTheBox (Global moderator)
  • TheMG (Global moderator)
  • amanda113122 (Forum moderator)
  • Julius Nex (Forum moderator)
  • Shmid (Forum moderator)
  • SubAqua (Forum moderator)
  • Panakalego (Administrator)
  • Cirvihi (Global moderator)
  • DoomIgnika (Global moderator)
  • Kazi22 (Global moderator)
  • Mata Nui (Global moderator)
  • ToaAuserv (Global moderator)
  • Daiku (Forum moderator)
  • dotCARBON (Forum moderator)
  • Luke (Forum moderator)
  • perfect.shivers (Forum moderator)