Zakaz map
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsSkakdi, Spine Slug, Necrofinch
LocationSouth of Karzahni, North of the Northern Continent
MakutaSpiriah (deceased)
Krika (second, deceased)

Zakaz was an island in the Matoran Universe and the homeland of the Skakdi.


Zakaz was once a tropical island with advanced cities and many resources. The Skakdi, the species living on the island, already a brutal people, were tampered with by Makuta Spiriah to have vision and elemental powers. He left Visorak, but the Skakdi overthrew them and started fighting in one large civil war. The few Skakdi that were living there fought over what little was left. The island was quarantined by the Brotherhood of Makuta and only Dark Hunters were brave enough to set foot on the island. Many years later, Axonn and Brutaka travelled to Zakaz to discuss a deal with the Skakdi warlord Nektann. In the end the deal was made and almost all the Skakdi on the island left to help the Order of Mata Nui combat the brotherhood elsewhere. After the war some Skakdi returned to Zakaz while others exited the Matoran Universe with Nektann. After Teridax's death the remaining Skakdi evacuated Zakaz, and it is now uninhabited.


Zakaz was home to a number of Tahtorak, whom the Skakdi once used as mounts. Highly intelligent, the Tahtorak did not take kindly to this. One specimen actually revealed to an Order of Mata Nui member that they were planning to attack the Skakdi when the time was right.

One Skakdi horror story contained a brutal and destructive being, even by Skakdi standards, called Irnakk.


Formerly a tropical paradise, this island became a complete ruin. Zakaz was the homeland to the Skakdi, and a number of Tahtorak. Nektann were also placed, at key points around the island, to blast airships out of the air in the attempt of either the Skakdi escaping or from an outside force arriving.

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