Zamor Sphere
Item Information
Primary User(s)The Piraka (Formerly),
The Toa Inika (Formerly)
Primary LocationVoya Nui

Zamor Spheres were essentially hollow balls: gas, liquid, or energy could be put into them, depending on what effect was desired. The spheres were then fired by Zamor Launchers at the target, where the solid surface temporarily became intangible and the substances inside them passed through to the target.

The earliest known Zamor Launcher was used by Toa Jovan, roughly 79,000 years ago.

Modern Zamor Launchers were first invented by the Nynrah Ghosts on Nynrah some 3,000 years ago, but some prototypes were stolen by Nidhiki and Krekka for the Dark Hunters (at some time before Nidhiki was mutated into his insectoid form). Their mission also included destroying the production machinery, to delay the Matoran from making more launchers quickly.

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Zamor Launcher

A group of Ex-Dark Hunters, calling themselves "Piraka", stole their Zamor Launchers from Xia. The leader of the Piraka, Zaktan, built a vat to collect a virus called Antidermis that would fill their Zamor Spheres with Teridax's essence. Some of Voya Nui's Matoran opposed the Piraka, and they managed to steal one of the Zamor Launchers. After studying it, the group's inventor, Velika, built a set of launchers of his own and gave them to the Matorans' new allies, the Toa Inika. The Inika's launchers were upgraded from the Piraka's, as they could hold up to four spheres instead of just one.

Types of Zamor[]

Picture Description
Green The Piraka loaded their Zamor Spheres with Antidermis - a greenish-black virus that was actually Teridax's essence. Brutaka became more aggressive and stronger when he absorbed the virus. Matoran hit by these types of spheres became mindless slaves to the user(s) of the spheres.


The monster Irnakk could make worst fears come true, and channeled this power through his Zamor Spheres.


The Zamor Spheres used by Protodax shrunk targets to microscopic size permanently.


The Toa Inika used Zamor Spheres loaded with Energized Protodermis, which acted as a cure to the Antidermis virus for the infected slaves of the Piraka. These spheres varied in color depending on the user: Jaller and Hahli used shades of light green, Hewkii and Nuparu used shades of yellow-orange, and Matoro and Kongu used shades of blue.


Toa Jovan used yellow-orange Zamors with the power to weaken a foe's weapons.


Hakann used a sphere derived from Vesok's abilities to steal Brutaka's power. The comic described it as blue, while the book said it was gold. The comic version is confirmed canon.


Axonn gave Jaller a sphere that put Vezon and Kardas into a stasis state. Its color is unknown, though it was portrayed as blue in the comic.


Gold - Reversed the effect of the zamor used to steal Brutaka's powers -- so essentially it is a "power siphon."


Silver - Bound a target to the nearest living being with an energy chain.


Black - Marked a target so that it could be tracked anywhere it went via an energy pulse.

Set Info[]

A box of Zamor Spheres was available in 2006 and contained about 10 Zamor Spheres, but no launcher was included. There were four green Zamor spheres included with each of the Piraka sets, and four Zamor Spheres included with each Toa Inika set. They were also used as ammunition in the Midak Skyblasters and Air Launchers.


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