Sit down and be quiet. I want to hear this.
— Zaria to Chiara and Orde, The Yesterday Quest
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Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa)
Group Toa, Fe-Matoran (Formerly)
Mask Unknown
Colors Gunmetal gray and burnt orange
Element/Powers Iron
Homeland Unknown
Occupation Toa of Iron
Tools Staff
Location Spherus Magna (Bota Magna)
Status Alive
Pronunciation zar-EE-ah
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Zaria was one of few remaining Toa of Iron.


Matoran Universe[]

Zaria was once a Fe-Matoran. He was one of few Toa of Iron to survive the Brotherhood of Makuta's purge of Toa of Iron. At one point, he killed a member of the Brotherhood out of necessity, but this broke the Toa Code (which forbade the killing of adversaries), and led to his becoming an outcast.

Spherus Magna[]

Many years later, he evacuated the Matoran Universe to live on Spherus Magna. He was then assigned by Onua Nuva to find the Great Beings, along with Toa Chiara, Toa Orde and the Ice Tribe Glatorian Gelu. While traveling through Bota Magna, the group ran into a pack of Vorox who were carrying blasters. The pack leader, Kabrua, then ordered the group to return to their city as prisoners.

The Toa and Gelu were then taken out into the forest to be set free and hunted. A starting flare was shot, and the Toa ran off into the forest. The group eventually found a rocky region which they used for an ambush. Chiara and Zaria sat behind some rocks to attack the Vorox while Gelu and Orde waited as bait.

Kabrua and some trackers eventually arrived, though when Chiara and Zaria tried attacking, nothing happened. The reason for this was because Kabrua was using a power dampener, which he built using the knowledge of knowing how to shut off Toa power.

It is unknown what became of Zaria after Orde and Gelu left the area to lead the Vorox away.

Powers and Equipment[]

As a Toa of Iron, Zaria possessed the ability to control the naturally occurring element of iron. This allowed him to create, control, and even absorb samples of metal.

Zaria also wore a Kanohi mask which gave him a unique power. His mask name and power remain unidentified. As a Toa, Zaria also carried a staff as his tool of choice, which he could wield in combat and channel his powers through it.


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