If there is a way to stop a Zivon, I don't know it. It can be thrown the length of a metru, have a building dropped on it, be slammed head first in to the ground, and come right back at you again. Smoke and flame can sometimes slow it down, but not defeat it. At best, you can hope it will be trapped in the Zone of Darkness again if a Kahgarak chooses to send it there. Otherwise, the appearance of a Zivon is a good sign that it is time to move elsewhere.
Rahaga Norik, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts
Species Information
ColorsRed, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, brown, black, white
Species StatusTrapped in Zone of Darkness

The Zivon was a large Rahi created by the Brotherhood of Makuta that lived in the Zone of Darkness and could only be summoned by the Kahgarak's Rhotuka Spinner.


The only known specimen of Zivon was summoned to the ruined city of Metru Nui by Sidorak shortly after the Great Cataclysm. This was done in an attempt to destroy the Toa Hordika once and for all. It was thwarted by the appearance of a Tahtorak and the shapeshifting Rahi named Krahka. During the climax of the battle, a Kahgarak sent a Rhotuka spinner at Tahtorak, but Krahka rammed herself into the Zivon, forcing all three of them to be in physical contact when the spinner struck. As a result, all three were pulled into the Zone of Darkness.

Powers and Traits[]


Zivon building instructions

The Zivon was roughly 40 feet tall and had more than once devoured most of the Visorak Horde as a victory celebration, because the Zivon only fought to protect its prey, the Visorak. Its spinners caused blindness, deafness, muteness, and numbness. The Zivon's stinger could penetrate a Tahtorak's armor. This Rahi also had the ability to shoot webbing from its legs to entangle a foe.

Set Information[]

A Zivon can be made using parts of all six of the Visorak.

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