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Zone of Darkness
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsZivon
Former Residents
LocationA pocket dimension

The Zone of Darkness, also known as the Field of Shadows, is a pocket dimension which can be accessed via a Kahgarak's Rhotuka power. It is also accessible through the use of a Kanohi Olmak. The dimension is entirely void of light. When trapped in it, it is impossible to see in it. One must travel by listening, instead of seeing.

Only three times has anyone been known to have been sent to the Field of Shadows: Once when Toa Hordika Whenua, Rahaga Bomonga, and another Kahgarak were sent there and escaped at the exit of the Zivon. Shortly afterwards, Krahka, a Tahtorak, and the Zivon were sucked into the Field of Shadows when a Kahgarak attempted to force the Tahtorak into it. One thousand years later, Brutaka attempted to send Axonn to the Field by using his Olmak, but was unable to. The portal was left open after their battle, and Krahka and the Tahtorak were able to escape onto Voya Nui. Brutaka also used it in Into the Darkness to move one of Teridax's energy bolts there.

Inhabitants and Beings trapped inside[]

Other Locations
Pocket Dimensions: City of SilverZone of Darkness
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